Palestine Customers Visit Factory in April 28, 2023

We get in touch with Palestine customer recently, they are visiting some factories in Yiwu Zhejiang ,So we arrange to make a meeting with them in our factory in April 29.
They are much interested in the fiberglass ladder, we explained we have have semi-finished extension ladder, the steps have finished squeezing process,the stiles are punched,then only need some tools to assembly the ladder, which can save the space of Container, and it’s simple and easy for customer to assembly.  

Second we take them to look around our factory.They stop in the front of the Expanding and Riveting machine,this is a automatic straight ladder making machine, automatic inserting the tube, expanding and riveting, the work efficiency is 6s/cycle, the machine is used for industry ladder, wind system ladder, wall ladder,multi purpose ladder...


In the next, we talk about 5+1 household ladder, 6+1 household ladder
For the front rail, when finished the bending process, then take the automatic punching and drilling machine to forming the front rail.
For the rear rail, one forming machine to make the flatten , bending, one multi station punching to make the small hole. 
for the steps , here are 2 machine in option, dual head punching machine by manual, cnc punching and cutting machine for steps.
We can also provide the full set of ladder accessories, upper platform, brace, foot stopper, semi-tubular rivet, self-plugging rivet....

Finally, we take the photos to remember this moment. 
Welcome the friends from all over the world to visit our factory.

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