Engineers Oversea Service in Saudi Arabia and Dubai in 2023

In Jan 2023 , China government had open the boundries to abroad, so Yongkang Jinou Machinery Co., Ltd had send two engineers to Saudi Arabia for a business visit .

First schedule is in Dubai ,They had been to Ascend Company for the Machine commissioning , Ascend had Bought a lot of ladder making machines for the Extension Ladder, A type Ladder and Household ladder .

After the Machine Commissioned in Dubai , Then they had been to JEDDAH in Saudi Area which nears the Red Sea . That Company in Jeddah had bought a lot of the CNC machines, Like CNC Punching Machine, CNC Expanding Machine, CNC Riveting Machine , and so on .for the Popular Double Side A type Ladder In Saudi Market . 

The third Schedule is in Damman ,This is a new customer ,they are looking for the Fully Automatic Machines for the Ladders . They had a very nice face to face negociation in Damman .

The last schedule is back to Dubai to Tradex Company , they also buy a lot of the Ladder making Machinery from JINOU, so just send engineers to help to check their old machines.

From this 2 weeks travel , we had met five old customer and 1 new customer in Middle East Market , So our machines are very suitable for their popular A type Ladders .
We are looking forward to the next travel for Middle East Market .

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