Extension Ladder making machine in highly automatic.


For the extension ladder, it usually need:
Aluminium cutting machine 
Hydraulic punching machine for the components holes
CNC punching machine for the rungs holes.
Expanding and flaring machine

Yongkang Jinou Machinery Co., Ltd had export a lot of ladder making machines for the extension ladder, and windmill system ladders .
For the Aluminium cutting machine, it can be automatic or manually .
Hydraulic punching machine can also customized to be several work stations .
CNC Punching machine rungs distance and rungs punch quantities can be set up in the screen . very easy and convenient .
Expanding and Flaring machine can be manually or 2 in 1 , or 3 in 1 .
2 in 1 expanding and flaring machine is put the expanding and flaring into the same machine. But need one worker to insert the tubes one by one .
3 in 1 expanding and riveting machine is :inserting tubes , expanding and riveting are all in one machine. Highly automatic .

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