CNC Step Punching And Cutting Machine for A Type Ladder

CNC Step Punching And Cutting Machine for A Type Ladder

System Pressure 10 Mpa
Efficiency 6s / cycle
Motor 7.5 Kw
Max Length of profile 6000 mm
Max Punching Stroke 60 mm
Max Thickness 2.0 mm
Power Input 415V / 50HZ
Machine size 710x100x170 cm

This is a highly automatic CNC  Step Punching and Cutting Machine for the Step of the Aluminim A shape ladder.
Can suitable for different drawings of the aluminium steps.
Can Cut different length for the steps. 
All the data are controlled by the system . 
It’s easy to change the mold. 
one movement can finished the punching holes and cutting materials, high effiency .
with one Button to handle, easy to put the materials,
only need one worker to operate the machine .

Techincal information:
CNC Step Punching Cutting Machine for A shape Ladder
Functions :Cuttting the profiles and Punch the step holes.
System Pressure:10Mpa
Max Length of profile :6000mm 
Max Punching Stroke:60mm
Max Thickness:2.0mm
Power Input : 415V/50HZ
Machine size: 710x100x170cm
HS CODE: 8462490000