Customized Machines For South Africa Market


South Africa Customer had visited YONGKANG JINOU MACHINERY CO., LTD , they are looking for Customized Machines for the Aluminium Ladders .

The ladder machine is producing ladders

They are looking for the machines for Semi-finished ladder, that means, they want to import the ladder acccessories and the ladder machines , but the ladder accessories are looks like already finished some process : Already cut in the right size , punch the right holes , and put on the Hinges and Rivets already , only waiting for the expanding and riveting . so with these semi-finished parts, one full container can put around 2400sets of the semi-finished ladder’s parts . 

South African customer operating ladder machine

When they received the machines, they only needs to assembly the rungs and riveting it . then the complete ladder is finished .

So with this kind of process, it can save a lot of space in the container .

South African photos with Israeli customers

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