Semi-Automatic Ladder Production Machine

Semi-Automatic Ladder Production Machine

Profile section 58x25mm,59x30mm, 78x25mm,95x25mm (Customizable)
Cycle time 6 to 7 seconds / rung
System Pressure 5 Mpa
Tons 25 KN
Motor power 4.5 Kw
Voltage 380 V
Process ladder width 300-600 mm
Process ladder distance 280-320 mm
Maximum riveting stroke 30 mm
Maximum expanding stroke 60 mm
Antiwear hydraulic oil Summer(46#) Winter(32#)


This machine is presented as a flexible solution once it is prepared to produce ladders in several lengths and widths using different pitches. This equipment performs expansion and orbital riveting operations.

Have different requirement to be chosen:
Manual Feeding 2 IN 1 Expanding and Riveting Machine 
Automatic Feeding 2 IN 1 Expanding and Riveting Machine 
Automatic 3 IN 1 Inserting, Expanding and Riveting Machine
They are Semi-auto / Automatic aluminium ladder manufacturing machine, integrated ladder expanding and tube flaring machine into one machine, which available for various kinds of aluminium ladders, including folding ladders, multi-purpose ladders, platform ladders, extension ladders, industrial ladders, loft ladders, etc,  one worker is enough for producing aluminium ladders by feeding ladder step rungs on machine manually , ladder expanding head will fasten steps by expanding inside of ladder tubes, then  by manually will go to next position for ladder flaring process, suitable for the semi-auto aluminium ladders production line

- Internal rung expansion;
- Orbital rung riveting;
- Automatic movement by pneumatic system;
- Possibility to change pitch;
- Possibility to adjust width;
- Safety grid in infeed and outfeed areas to increase safety;

Technical data:
Profile section: 58x25mm, 59x30mm, 78x25mm and 95x25mm  (Customizable)
Cycle time: 6 to 7 seconds / rung
System Pressure: 5 Mpa
Tons: 25 KN
Motor power: 4.5 Kw
Voltage: 380 V
Process ladder width: 300-600 mm
Process ladder distance: 280-320 mm
Maximum riveting stroke: 30 mm
Maximum expanding stroke: 60 mm
Antiwear hydraulic oil: Summer(46#) Winter(32#)