Double Ladder Riveting Machine.Ladder Crimping Machine

Double Ladder Riveting Machine.Ladder Crimping Machine

System Pressure 5 Mpa
Tons 25 KN
Motor power 3.75 Kw
Voltage 380 V
Process ladder width 300-600 mm
Process ladder distance 280-320 mm
Maximum expanding stroke 60 mm
Antiwear hydraulic oil Summer (46#) Winter(32#)

Double riveting machine also called aluminium squeezing machine .
It is a different kind of ladder manufacturing machine, which extruding ladder rungs on aluminum profiles or aluminium channel, without expanding processing and flaring processing, also called as aluminum ladder rung extruding machine, Rung edge extrusion machine for the ladder, and Ladder squeezing machine.
Aluminum Extruding Machine for Ladder is a better ladder producing methods which are more tightly than expanding and flaring processing, to perform safer and more reliable.
Step rung shapes including square rung, rectangular rung, D shape rung, triangular rung, oval rung, waist circular rung, prismatic rung, etc.
Extension ladder, folding ladder, platform ladder, multi-purpose ladder, aluminum extrusion, sliding stairs, combination ladders, loft ladders, industrial ladder, windmill system, etc.
Dual Head Tube Squeezing machine is our company based on the current needs of the domestic market development of the production of multi-purpose ladder, extension ladder expanding tubes process, which draws the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. Small system, light weight, easy to design, easy to repair, hydraulic system using Taiwan's Hyde's hydraulic control valve, the circuit system using low-voltage control, set in full compliance with national safety standards, the system circuit using double interlock protection, Work lights and regulators use low voltage operating voltage to protect the safety of people and equipment. Machine performance is safe and stable,wins good reputation in ladder making machinery .

Technique Data
System Pressure: 5 Mpa
Tons: 25 KN
Motor power: 3.75 Kw
Voltage: 380 V
Process ladder width: 300-600 mm
Process ladder distance: 280-320 mm
Maximum expanding stroke: 60 mm
Antiwear hydraulic oil: Summer (46#) Winter(32#)