Aluminum Profile grinding and polishing machine

Aluminum Profile grinding and polishing machine

Production Efficiency 30 ~ 35 ㎡/ H
Processing Width Range 125 CM
Processing Length Range 250CM
Motor Power 6.5KW
Weight 1800KG
Dimensions 330×190×150CM

CNC four-head grinding and polishing machine

Control system using PLC + touch screen,

 simple and convenient human-computer interaction interface, 

perfect automation and intelligentialized. 

Fully automatic operation, easy operation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, save labor, reliable quality.

High efficiency, production efficiency at the leading level in China, 

grinding patterns are no color aberration, and pattern spacing is adjustable, pattern are variety and changeable.

Standard machine processing pattern is just like fish scale,

 the maximum processing plate length 400CM,

 customized processing pattern are just like: fish scales , flowers, double circle,round array flowers, continuous curve and so on.