ARC Punching Machine for Scaffolding

ARC Punching Machine for Scaffolding

This is a Simple work station Arc Punching machine for the aluminium scaffoldings.
It’s easy to operate the machine.
And the machine can be chosen to be punching holes or punching arc . easy to switch the mode.

Technical data:
Work Station: Single Work Station
Control: Manual feeding punching by hydraulic power
System Pressure: 5 Mpa
Tons: 2.5 T
Motor power: 3 Kw
Cylinder stroke: 70 mm
Max Material thickness: 3mm, (Thickness enlarge as per requirement)
Punching Rate: 30-60 times/min
Voltage: 440 V
Antiwear hydraulic oil: Summer(46#) Winter(32#)
Dimensions: 800x1200x550 mm
Net Weight: 200 KGS