6 Head Single Side Tube Expanding Machine For Multi Functional Ladders

6 Head Single Side Tube Expanding Machine For Multi Functional Ladders

Ladder Width Adjustment Range No Limit
Ladder Spacing Adjustment Range 260-300mm
Maximum Expanding Stroke 60 mm
Motor Power 4.4KW
Weight 800KGS
Measurement 180×100×110 CM


This is 6 head tube expanding machine for combination ladders ,

that tube expanding machine Can be customized

 Model: 1-8 work station,both straight or beveled edges can expand.

Work efficiency: 5 seconds / work cycle

Expanding mold can be customized according to the shape of the tube

Tube expanding machine

Ladder Rung Expanding machine also called tube expanding machine is one kind of ladder making machines which used on expand the ladder rungs from inside, to fasten the rungs on aluminium profiles by several embossed points.

ladder expanding machine can be designed as per customer's requirement, single side one expanding station will be acceptable for economic consideration, highly efficient automatic ladder expanding solutions will increase the ladder production .

Applications :

step rung shapes including square rung, rectangular rung, D shape rung, triangular rung, oval rung, waist circular rung, prismatic rung, etc .

can be used on extension ladder, folding ladder, platform ladder, multi-purpose ladder, aluminium extrusion , sliding stairs, combination ladders, loft ladders, industrial ladder, windmill system, etc