Automatic Combination Core Punching Machine

Automatic Combination Core Punching Machine

Work efficiency 8 seconds /piece
Min number of steps 7 steps
Min punching press stroke 60mm
Motor Power 5.5KW
Weight 2500 Kg
Dimensions 450×180×160 CM


This is fully automatic punching machine for the multi purpose ladder .

Control system using PLC + touch screen,

 simple and convenient human-computer interaction interface, perfect automation and intelligentialized, all the holes punching in one time. Automatic operation, easy to operate..

Punching all the holes in one profile,high efficiency, 

automatic loading and unloading material, to ensure the operation without working danger; 

Each machine with 4 sets of precision guide column,high precision long life,

punching data analysis up to more than 100,000 times; 

Loading and unloading mold fast, simple and convenient.

Mold profile size and punching size can be customized