6 work station hydraulic punching machine for combination ladder

6 work station hydraulic punching machine for combination ladder

Technique Data

Work Station:            6 Work Station

Control :                    Manual feeding , punching by hydraulic power

System Pressure          14Mpa

Tons                     2.5T

Motor power              5.5Kw

Voltage                  380V

Cylinder stroke :             10mm
Max Material thickness :      8mm,(Thickness enlarge as per requirement)
Punching Rate:              80-180 times/min

Antiwear hydraulic oil:      Summer46#Winter32#

Dimensions :               2200x1050x1600 mm

Net Weight :                1100KGS


Six Work Station Punching Machine is based on the current needs of the Punching requirement of the aluminium profiles for ladder rungs and side profiles, which draws the advantages of similar products at home and abroad.

Punching Aluminium ladder profiles and sections to forming various holes on one punching machine, amounted many sets of hydraulic cylinders and punch die and set for different punching job .
this machine is multi-purpose integrated punching machine as 6 work stations for different tube holes punching, no necessary to change punches and dies set times by times, for economic considering and the most convenient 

operations , which is suitable for the aluminium extruding and ladder 

manufacturing to perform high efficient and productive .

 Small system, light weight, easy to design, easy to repair, Safe Handle. The hydraulic system using Taiwan's Hyde's hydraulic control valve, the circuit system using low-voltage control, set in full compliance with national safety standards, the system circuit using double interlock protection, Work lights and regulators use low-voltage operating voltage to protect the safety of people and equipment. Machine performance is safe and stable,wins good reputation in ladder making machinery .