5 Head Ladder Riveting Machine / Tube Flaring Machine

5 Head Ladder Riveting Machine / Tube Flaring Machine

Work Efficiency 5 Seconds / Work Cycle
Ladder Width Adjustment Range No Limit
Ladder Spacing Adjustment Range 260-300mm
Maximum Riveting Stroke 60 mm
Motor Power 4.4KW
Weight 800KGS
Measurement 180×100×110CM


This is 5 heads side tube flaring machine .

high efficiency aluminium ladder making machine .

Can be customized Model: 1-8 work station,

both straight or beveled edges can flaring ..

 flaring mold can be customized according to the shape of the tube

Ladder riveting machine :

Ladder rung crimping machine, (ladder riveting machine ), also called as ladder rungs tube flaring machine , ladder orbital riveting machine, this machine is the one of step in ladder manufacturing , which used to fastening the ladder rungs on profiles by flaring the rungs .

Ladder rungs crimping machine can be designed as per customer's requirement, from single side one crimping station to automatic ladder crimping machine solutions .

Applications :

step rung shapes including square rung, rectangular rung, D shape rung , triangular rung , Oval rung, waist circular rung, prismatic rung etc .

can be used in extension ladder, folding ladder, platform ladder, multi-purpose ladder, aluminium ladder, aluminium extrusion , sliding stairs, combination ladders, loft ladders, industrial ladder, windmill system etc .