2 In 1 Tube Expanding And Riveting Machine For Ladders

2 In 1 Tube Expanding And Riveting Machine For Ladders

Work Efficiency 6 Seconds / Work Cycle
Ladder Width Adjustment Range 350-600mm
Ladder Spacing Adjustment Range 260-300mm
Maximum Riveting Stroke 30 mm
Maximum Expanding Stroke 60 mm
Motor Power 6.5KW
Weight 1200KGS
Measurement 185×70×130CM


Control system using PLC + touch screen, simple and convenient human-computer interaction interface, 

perfect automation and intelligentialized

Inserting the tube - tube expanding - tube riveting ,three procedures operated by one person,

 savings two operators cost.

All hydraulic systems are high pressure and high speed, thus greatly improving the production efficiency

Both sides of the guide wheels with high-strength plastic steel structure,

 neither scratch the ladder, but also to ensure the formation of each ladder.

First tube expanding then ladder riveting, thus the ladder is secure and solid.

Can be customized models: two head tube expanding+ two head tube riveting machine ,

 four head tube expanding +four head tube riveting machine , 

six head tube expanding +six head tube riveting machine . 

Eight head tube expanding +eight head tube riveting machine .

Riveting, expanding mold can be customized according to the shape of the tube

Automatic 2 in 1 Ladder production Machine is a kind of Semi-auto aluminium ladder manufacturing machine, integrated ladder expanding and tube flaring machine into one machine, upgraded with automatic hold and feeding device, which available for various kinds of aluminium ladders, including folding ladders, multi-purpose ladders, platform ladders, extension ladders, industrial ladders, loft ladders, etc,  one worker is enough for producing aluminium ladders by feeding ladder step rungs on machine manually , ladder expanding head will fasten steps by expanding inside of ladder tubes, the machine will automatically feeding ladders to next position for ladder flaring process, suitable for the semi-auto aluminium ladders production line to perform high efficient and productive .

Semi auto solution , worker do only that feed step rungs manually

usable for aluminium ladder production line, use it together with automatic punching machine for  ladder profiles , to performing high efficient and productive .

available for different shapes of step rungs , by replacing customized expanding and flaring tooling .

Fully adjustable function s for different sizes of ladders

equipped with automatic holding and feeding device, highest precision controlled by PLC system .

hydraulic driven , step less pressure regulation

Model Selection :Auto/Manual

PLC control , time setting and pressure adjusting

Touch Screen, Visible digital display, full processes monitoring .

24 months warranty for ladder making machine,  12 months for expanding and flaring molds .