CNC Riveting Machine for Industrial Ladders

CNC Riveting Machine for Industrial Ladders

System Pressure:          5Mpa
Tons:                     25KN
Motor power:              3.75Kw
Voltage:                   380V
Process ladder width:       300-1000(mm)
Process ladder distance:      50-1500(mm)
Maximum expanding stroke :   60 mm
Antiwear hydraulic oil:       Summer(46#)Winter(32#)
Machine Size:                 195x80x120CM
Machine Weight :                660KGS

  • Best service, Reliable quality, Factory direct price, Fast delivery.
  • Flexible solutions available for different customers requirement. Ladder flaring machine can be designed as single side, dual sides, 1 heads, 2 heads, 3 heads, 4 heads, etc.
  • Simplified construction ladder machines, easy operation, and maintenance. Safe and reliable.
  • Available for different shapes of step rungs, by replacing customized flaring toolings.
  • Fully adjustable functions for different sizes of the ladder. High-precision controlled by PCL system.
  • Hydraulic driven, step-less pressure regulation, stable pressure, durable hydraulic units, reliable quality.
  • Leading aluminum ladder machines manufacturer in China, over than 10 years experience in manufacturing the variety of aluminum ladder producing machines.