Multifunctional Piercing Punching Machine For Extension Ladder

Multifunctional Piercing Punching Machine For Extension Ladder

Customized Model 6-14 Station
Work Efficiency 4 Seconds / Work Cycle
Ladder Spacing Adjustment Range 280-350mm
6 Station Motor Power 5.5KW
7-17 Station Motor Power 11KW
Weight 1200-1800KG
Dimensions (300-450)×120×130CM


This is Piercing Punching machine for A shape ladder /double extension ladder /triple extension ladder.

The machine can punching different shape of tube ,

Handle different hole distance punching by changing the mold , mold changing easy and simple.

Both sides punching at the same time , it can punch different concentric, different size holes

It is easy and simple to adjust the holes of different work station.

aluminium ladder manufacturing machine, which available for various kinds of aluminium ladders, including folding ladders, multi purpose ladders, platform ladders, extension ladders, industrial ladders, loft ladders etc, suitable for the semi-auto aluminium ladders production line to perform high efficient and productive .